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NOTE! This project has been rewritten and moved to Launchpad. That project features a completly API, interface (GTK2) and fileformats for the puzzles. The editor is better and has more features.

This is a crossword puzzle game and editor. It's used to play or create crossword puzzles like those appearing in north American news papers. It was inspired by the movie "Wordplay", directed by Patrick Creadon and featuring the New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz.

(this project is NOT affiliated with New York Times, the ACPT or above mentioned movie)

News 2009-01-17

NEW PROJECT home on Launchpad.

This is a total rewrite, some of the features included:

News 2007-10-04

Minor bugfix. 1.0 beta now available in the files section for download as source tarball. Still looking for someone to build a Windows and/or OSX installer.

News 2007-09-19

The entire Puzzle API was rewritten! Tarball updated with the latest sources. Fixes includes critical bugs as well as ACPT (I hope it's correct!) and Time Attack scoring.

News 2007-09-18

Fixed a few bugs. The tarball (below) has been updated to reflect the SVN repository from 2007-09-18.

News 2007-09-14

Configuration files are now working on GNU/Linux systems. It first tries reading /etc/default/crosswordpuzzle.conf and then ~/.crosswordpuzzle/config. Both are read if possible. When quiting it writes the config to the latter.

I'm looking for additional project members to help me port/distribute this software on OSX and Windows. The configuration file locations must be adapted and, because they are half-arsed systems lacking proper software management, some all-included-installer has to be built. Other than that it should work fine thanks to Python's platform transperancy.



Until 1.0 is released only the source code is available. To start, unpack the tarball and run the Python script called, it's in the source root.

If you want this software to have easy access on YOUR OS of choice, please contact me (petgeb at and I will make your installer/package a permanent part of the project.